Our Work.

What We Do

The three main purposes of the Mary and Joseph Life Center are to:

  1. OFFER Pregnant women and girls, fathers responsible for the pregnancy, and families, who are considering and/or are being coerced to have abortions, other options to have their baby(ies) born.
  2. OFFER Educational workshops/seminars that are oriented to help prevent crisis pregnancies and help those already in need with supportive guidance for psychological, spiritual and economic livelihood resilience.
  3. OFFER Counseling, medical support, guidance, and empowerment to women who have had abortions and are seeking assistance for trauma, self-esteem and healing in one form or another.

The main purposes of the MJLC are aligned to the broader objectives of the

Shalom Empowerment Center (SEC)

Addressing Violence against Women and Children

also located at St. Josphat’s House


The Objectives of this Center are:

  • To build capacities for peace and conflict management for women suffering violence in locations of inter-ethnic conflict and inter-religious violent extremism, through research, training, development, and transformation of relationships for long-term conflict prevention and management.
  • To promote ongoing research and continuous learning to advance social care interventions in order to achieve sustainable peace and holistic development for women and children.
  • To create awareness among community groups – men and women –about their role in the transformation of the root causes and the evil/immoral mentality of human trafficking in women and girls.
  • To create compatible structures, policies, and procedures to promote protection of human rights and dignity of women and children in remote isolated areas of slums and other marginalized locations, for the promotion of a society where peace, security and development can take place.
  • To establish comprehensive plans for collaboration and engagement with government institutions, social care funders and providers, community, and faith-based organizations to ensure coordinated social service delivery.
  • To provide sustainable livelihood guidance for women and children who have suffered violence in conflict zones (in informal urban settlements/slums and rural locations), be it inter-ethnic, inter-religious, intra-community, domestic, sexual, etc.
  • To create awareness among community groups – men and women, – particularly in conflict environments, on women’s role in conflict transformation, peacebuilding, and development.
  • To promote the development of similar Empowerment Centers addressing Violence against Women and Children in other informal urban settlements (slums).

The work of the Center is:

  • Counteract the lack of respect for, and the inadequate promotion and protection of the human rights, human dignity and opportunities for women and children in inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflict environments, among other contexts.
  • Address the inadequacies of women and children empowerment in conflict transformation skills and peace-building techniques particularly in locations of inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflict, and urban slum marginalized settlement.
  • Seek to eliminate the power imbalances that support all forms of violence against women and children.
  • Address the greater burden of emotional, cultural, physical, and psychological violence among women and children, particularly cognizant of the increasing burden of depression, high rates of suicide and mental health issues.
  • Provide resilience guidance to counter the increased risk of anxiety, low self-esteem, impaired personal development, and other livelihood issues.
  • Address the insufficient mechanisms to promote morality, ethics, and respect for rule of law needed to assist and protect women and children in conflict environments.
  • Seek to engage with government, religious institutions, and social organizations such as churches, mosques, and schools to counter all forms of violence, addressing the lack of access to essential education, health and related services.
  • Nurture and implement peace education support for children to inculcate a culture of peace and respect among and between boys and girls.
  • Explore the infrastructural development of similar institutes in other locations.

The Mary & Joseph Life Center will provide the following services:

1. Crisis Pregnancy Resource Center

The MJLC will equip women with services to help them to make enlightened decisions, knowing that they are not alone then or in the years ahead, for their own well-being and the life of their unborn baby. When a woman with an unexpected pregnancy enters our doors, we will offer her a free ultrasound in the presence of qualified personel to help her decide on the way forward for her, baby and family. Thanks to the generosity of donors, we will offer ultrasound that gives a pregnant woman an incredible view of what is occurring within her body – with amazingly detailed images in 3D/4D.

2.  Educational workshops/seminars

Educational workshops/seminars will be oriented to help prevent crisis pregnancies and helping those already in need. The educational programmes will include issues such as fertility care and support, religious freedom, theology of the body, and more to be determined on the basis of need.

3. Counseling Services

The Center is committed to spreading God’s powerful and transformative message of desiring great love, mercy, reconciliation and happiness for us. Providing counseling services will be a significant part of this process.